Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Effective: January 3, 2011

Last Updated: Approved by TLC March 15, 2017; approved by EVCAA May 5, 2017; revisions approved by TLC 2-20-19; approved by EVCAA 5-15-19

Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

The Board of Regents, on recommendation of the faculty, grants degrees from the University of Minnesota. To receive an undergraduate degree, or to have a minor or certificate recorded on their transcript, students must complete a required minimum of their coursework from the campus that awards the degree or certificate (commonly referred to as “resident credit” or “credit in residence”).

University resident credit includes the courses offered by the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), or University of Minnesota online courses, or programs sponsored by UMD (including study abroad) or other University of Minnesota campuses.

Students may complete a major and minor from two different campuses. Students may earn a certificate from any certificate program to which they have been admitted on any campus.

The minimum cumulative University of Minnesota (UMN) GPA required for graduation is 2.00 and includes only University of Minnesota coursework. A minimum UMN GPA of 2.00 is required in each UMD undergraduate major, minor, and certificate. No academic unit may impose a higher GPA standard to graduate.

Diploma, transcripts, licensure, and certification will be withheld until all financial obligations to the University have been met.

Students must meet all course and credit requirements of the degree or credential according to the students’ declared academic catalog. Students seeking two degrees must fulfill the requirements of both degrees. Two degrees cannot be awarded for the same major (e.g. B.A. and B.S. in Economics).

Application of transfer credits toward majors, minors, and certificates are subject to department approval.

Minimum requirements for an undergraduate degrees, minors, and certificates from the University of Minnesota Duluth are as follows include the following:

Undergraduate (baccalaureate) degree

  1. A minimum of 120 semester credits
  2. All requirements of the Liberal Education Program or its approved equivalent
  3. At least 30 semester credits through UMD
  4. At least 15 credits of the last 30 credits through UMD
  5. At least half of upper-division (3xxx-level or higher) credits that satisfy major requirements (major requirements includes all courses required for the major, including courses in a subplan) through UMD

Undergraduate minor

  1. At least 3 upper-division credits that satisfy requirements for the minor through UMD

Undergraduate certificate

  1. At least 3 upper-division credits that satisfy requirements for the certificate through UMD. If the program does not require upper division credits students must take at least one course from the certificate program from UMD.

The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs may, under extraordinary circumstances, waive the requirements above.