Research and Field Studies Center (RFSC)

The Research and Field Studies Center (RFSC) is a 114-acre site located approximately four miles north of the Duluth campus. The property is primarily an educational and research-centered resource supporting numerous UMD programs. 

The primary academic objectives of the property include:

  • Conduct research on natural ecosystems, plant and animal populations, and individual species in a changing landscape.
  • Develop, manage, and maintain an experiential venue on sustainable agriculture to educate students, the University community, and the region.
  • Provide field-based educational activities in the form of academic classes, informal workshops, and training programs.
  • Facilitate interaction between a variety of disciplines related to environmental management, education, and sustainable agriculture at UMD.

RFSC User Areas & Space Assignments

The RFSC Academic Users Group reviews project requests from UMD faculty and staff for placement at the RFSC property. Please download and complete the RFSC Usage Request Form to request any land, building, container, or other structure assignment on the property. If the request involves grant funding, please submit the form prior to completing the grant proposal.

Individuals with current projects at the RFSC who have new requests impacting their areas/assignments are asked to email [email protected] with the details of the new requests so that other users can identify potential effects on other areas. Requests will be routed to the appropriate users for review. 

2022 RFSC Landscape Assessment

During 2022 the Great Lakes Design Lab conducted a landscape assessment of the RFSC property, including historical context, current usage, and landscape details. The consultants also provided several ideas based on their assessment findings and land labs expertise. The complete assessment and suggestions will help to inform UMD's subsequent planning conversations. The consultants also summarized the project in a campus presentation on October 21, 2022.

2014 RFSC Master Plan 

The 2014 UMD Research & Field Studies Center (RFSC) Master Plan summarized guiding principles, goals, and priorities for use of the property.