Research and Field Studies Center (RFSC)

The Research and Field Studies Center (RFSC) is a 114 acre site located approximately four miles north of the Duluth campus. Today the site includes buildings which originally were for farming dairy, chickens, and pigs. This site now serves as an educational and research-centered resource that provides space to support multiple UMD programs. Because there are many different campus groups using this space, it is referred to by different names including the UMD Farm and UMD Land Lab.


All Farm decisions require UMD Space and Facilities Management direct involvement and may need consultation from others such as Environmental Health and Safety and ITSS. Land use projects involving new space assignments or re-assignments require consultation of existing users to ensure their current projects will not be impacted by new projects.  

RFSC (Farm) Usage Request Form

Complete this form to request any land, building, container or other space at the UMD Farm. Submit the completed form to [email protected].

RFSC Master Plan

The 2014 UMD Research & Field Studies Center (RFSC) Master Plan was undertaken with ongoing involvement and participation by the UMD RFSC Advisory Committee as well as campus leadership. The UMD RFSC Advisory Committee was charged with the task of evaluating, researching, analyzing, planning, and recommending implementation of the RFSC Master Plan to address long term planning.