Space Management

Academic Affairs Office of Space Management

Academic Space Allocation Guidelines

Space Survey

The Academic Space office administers UMD's space survey process to be completed in the most timely and efficient manner. The office staff enters all changes into the systemwide database.

Survey data are reported to the National Center for Education Statistics, which is the primary federal entity for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related to education. Compliance requires codes provided in the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM): 2006 Edition Codes be used to classify all campus spaces.

General Purpose Classrooms

Academic Space works collaboratively with Room Scheduling, Facilities Management, and ITSS to provide quality teaching and learning classroom environments.

Seating charts for general purpose classrooms can be found here.

Academic Space Council

The council is comprised of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Associate Deans from all collegiate units, and Academic Space office staff. The group works together to address space issues across the academic units. 

Academic Space Office Staff

Christine Lovejoy, Space Management Coordinator, [email protected], ext. 7693

Jen Mencl, Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Effectiveness, [email protected], ext. 7385