Program Proposal Processes

New Programs and Changes to Existing Programs

New programs require the completion of the New Program Proposal Form, which includes signatures. Please submit both an electronic Word file and paper copy to Academic Affairs.  The college Administrative Director must compile section 6.  If the program being proposed involves online delivery of program and/or courses, the information must be noted clearly and questions related to online program criteria must be addressed in the proposal.  Proposals are entered into the University System's curriculum management system by Academic Affairs prior to being forwarded to and approved by the University of Minnesota Provost Office and Board of Regents. After Board of Regents approval, programs are programmed into APAS by the Office of the Registrar.

New Program Proposal Form

Changes in programs should be submitted to Academic Affairs with collegiate signatures; changes can be sent electronically.  To clearly show deletions and additions, copy the current program text from the online catalog, paste the copy to a Word document, and use Track Changes to make proposed revisions. Academic Affairs reserves the right to modify language for catalog consistency.  All program change requests must include a note confirming the department has notified and discussed the changes with any other departments directly affected by the proposed changes.  Changes to existing programs are only made with a fall effective date.  Please submit ALL changes together on ONE program change form.

Program Change Form

Discontinuing a program requires completion of the Discontinue Program Proposal form, including the dean's signature.  Please submit both an electronic and paper copy to Academic Affairs. 

Discontinue Program Proposal

The following deadline dates are the dates proposals and changes are due to Academic Affairs.  Proposal requests received after the deadline date will be reviewed for the following effective date.  Please note, changes to programs may only have a fall effective date. 

Please check with your department and college for deadline dates to assure your collegiate approval process is complete in order to meet the Academic Affairs deadlines.  Additionally, for advising purposes, courses are scheduled by your college earlier than the below listed deadlines.  Please see Collaborative Course Scheduling for additional information, or check with your department head and/or administrative specialist.  

EffectiveDeadline Date
Fall 2023December 1, 2022
Fall 2024December 1, 2023
Fall 2025December 1, 2024
Fall 2026December 1, 2025