Curriculum Management

Curriculum Proposal Process

The process for proposing new or modified courses and programs begins with the faculty.  All curricula must be approved at the department and college levels (some colleges may have additional requirements) before submission to Academic Affairs. 

System Academic Program Approval Policy:

  • Academic programs should be aligned with the missions, strategic plans, and compacts of the home unit/department and with the University's institutional goals and strategic directions. 
  • Proposals for academic programs should reflect common criteria: quality; centrality; comparative advantage; need (including accreditation or competitive requirements as well as Minnesota workforce needs); efficiency and effectiveness; potential for growth and leveraging of resources.
  • Decisions to offer, change, or drop academic programs, when they have the potential to affect other units within the University, require consultation early in the program development stage.  Such consultation must be described in the New Program Proposal.
  • Formal approval by the Board of Regents or its designee is required before new and changed programs may be publicized or initiated.

Scheduled Cleanup

All UMD courses are expected to be scheduled at least once every four years. Courses that do not meet this scheduling criterion are removed from the catalog. Courses will remain in the online catalog until the effective date of inactivation. If a department plans to offer the course again, a new course proposal form must be completed.


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