VCAA Unit Staff Awards

The Staff Council Outstanding Service Awards Task Force allocated $2,000 to the VCAA administrative unit with instructions to annually award 8 staff members $250 each in recognition of outstanding performance or service to the campus.

The VCAA Unit Staff Awards recognize exceptional performance by staff employed in the following areas:

  • Academic Writing & Learning Center
  • Bulldog Resource Center
  • EVCAA administration
  • Graduate School
  • Honors Program
  • International Programs & Services
  • MN Sea Grant
  • Office of Admissions
  • Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Office of Institutional Research
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Retention Marketing
  • Sponsored Projects Administration

Nominations should highlight contributions for 1) leadership on the job, 2) customer focus, and/or 3) quality of service. 

All Labor Represented, Civil Service and P&A staff in the areas above are eligible to receive this award. Faculty, student workers, and members of the VCAA awards committee are ineligible. Preference will be given to nominees who have not received a VCAA Unit Staff Award within the most recent three years. 

Submit award nominations for the summer and/or fall 2021 through Friday, December 10, 2021: online nomination form.

Past award recipients include:

  • Lyndsey Andersen, IPS
  • Jill Anderson, Bulldog Resource Center 
  • Irina Bezroukova, OIR
  • Carla Boyd, OTR
  • Nancy Burley, EVCAA
  • Cathy Caine, IPS
  • Nancy Carl, Financial Aid
  • Claudia Carranza, SPA 
  • Becky Christy, Financial Aid
  • Marti Fasteland, Admissions 
  • Vickery French, EVCAA
  • Jennifer Gilles, EVCAA
  • Mark Goehring, OTR
  • Kim Habig, Grad School
  • Karen Hansen, VCAA
  • Sarah Hatfield, OTR 
  • Jill Hilliard, Financial Aid
  • Richard Jaworski, SPA 
  • Jodi Jersett, Retention Marketing
  • Ginger Johnson, BRC
  • Gail Kehoe, EVCAA
  • Andrea Leslie, BRC
  • Dayna Leslie, Financial Aid & Scholarships 
  • Joanna McCord, OTR
  • Joelle McGovern, EVCAA
  • Mia O’Brien, Academic Writing and Learning Center 
  • Nawang Palkit, Admissions 
  • Elizabeth Rumsey, SPA




VCAA Unit Award