VCAA Unit Staff Awards

The Staff Council Outstanding Service Awards Task Force allocated $2,000 to the VCAA administrative unit with instructions to annually award 8 staff members $250 each in recognition of outstanding performance or service to the campus.

The VCAA Unit Staff Awards recognize exceptional performance by staff employed in the following areas:

  • Academic Writing & Learning Center
  • Bulldog Resource Center
  • EVCAA administration
  • Graduate School
  • Honors Program
  • International Programs & Services
  • MN Sea Grant
  • Office of Admissions
  • Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Office of Institutional Research
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Retention Marketing
  • Sponsored Projects Administration

Nominations should highlight contributions for 1) leadership on the job, 2) customer focus, and/or 3) quality of service. 

All Labor Represented, Civil Service and P&A staff are eligible to receive this award. Faculty, student workers, and members of the VCAA awards committee are ineligible. Preference will be given to nominees who have not received a VCAA Unit Staff Award within the most recent three years. 

Submit nominations for the 2020-21 second round awards process through this online form by Friday, May 14, 2021.

Past award recipients include:

  • Lyndsey Andersen - IPS
  • Irina Bezroukova - OIR
  • Carla Boyd – OTR
  • Nancy Burley, EVCAA
  • Cathy Caine, IPS
  • Nancy Carl, Financial Aid
  • Becky Christy, Financial Aid
  • Vickery French, EVCAA
  • Jennifer Gilles, EVCAA
  • Mark Goehring, OTR
  • Kim Habig, Grad School
  • Karen Hansen - VCAA
  • Jill Hilliard, Financial Aid
  • Jodi Jersett, Retention Marketing
  • Ginger Johnson, BRC
  • Gail Kehoe, EVCAA
  • Andrea Leslie, BRC
  • Joanna McCord, OTR
  • Joelle McGovern, EVCAA
  • Elizabeth Rumsey, SPA

The first group of recipients for the 2020-21 Academic Affairs Staff Awards is pending notification.


VCAA Unit Award