Student Completion Requirements

Student Completion Requirements

Within the limitations of current conditions, we have come up with some options for students (including those graduating) to finish their projects.  Students must still complete the ending requirements but we understand that projects may take unforeseen turns.  Here's a link to our options:   It's up to the student and mentor to find a workable solution to completing the project.

Once you have reached the end of your project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to access the final $750 of your stipend and be considered done with your UROP award.  Please use the forms found under Ending Requirements

1 - Final report of approximately 3 pages

2 - A completed evaluation form 

3 - Public presentation or publication of your results. 

4 - Your faculty mentor must sign off on the Verification of Completion 

Graduating seniors

If you are graduating at the end of your project, you MUST have all requirements completed by the end of the month prior to graduation or you will forfeit the final $750 of your award. 

For spring graduation, all requirements must be met by April 30. 

For summer graduation, the final date is July 31. 

For fall graduation, all requirements must be met by November 30.  

There are no exceptions.


If you need extra time, if you have not completed all project work and requirements and your end date is approaching, you will need to file an extension with your college coordinators.