Course Enrollment Limitations

Course Enrollment Limits and Cancellation

Effective: April 30, 2012

Last Updated: Approved by EPC December 14, 2011; approved by Campus Assembly April 17, 2012, approved by TLC 2-23-22, approved by EVCAA 7-13-2022

Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

Enrollment limits for course sections

Departments or programs may set minimum and maximum enrollment limits for any course or any class section of a course. Enrollment limits are subject to approval by the dean.

Cancellation of low-enrollment courses/class sections

  1. Each collegiate unit must maintain a policy regarding the cancellation of low-enrollment courses or class sections, including those offered during fall, spring, and summer terms. These policies may differ across schools/colleges and may allow variations by department. Any such policy must, at a minimum, take into account (a) the effect of cancellation of a course or courses on student academic progress and graduation, (b) the need for a course to contribute to appropriate program breadth and curriculum, (c) commitments made to instructors that a course would be offered, and (d) institutional commitments to outside organizations, and e) if the class is primarily for undergraduate or graduate students..
  2. In the event that a course is canceled, preferably it would be canceled before the beginning of the term, but no later than the second class meeting of the term. 
  3. Course cancellations should be done in consultation with the instructor, department head, and dean before taking effect. If a class is a likely candidate for cancellation the instructor should inform students of that as early as possible and no later than the first class meeting.
  4. Once a decision has been made to cancel a course or class section, all enrolled students and the Office of the Registrar must be notified immediately via email. That notification should follow existing collegiate practices.