Award Information

Award Information 

Applications are reviewed by the Coordinators and/or faculty committees within each college. Recommendations from the coordinators are then reviewed on a campus level. Final recommendations are finally forwarded to the UROP Office in the Twin Cities for final review and processing.

If you receive a UROP award, your notification letter will explain UROP hiring procedures (for stipends) and the transfer of funds from UROP to your faculty sponsor's department for payment to you.

You may receive notice your award is on hold awaiting approval. 

  • Projects that deal with the use of human subjects or animal subjects require special permission. 
  • All projects that deal with recombinant DNA, artificial gene transfer, infectious agents, and biologically derived toxins must be reviewed and approved by the University of Minnesota's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). The Department of Environmental Health and Safety must also be contacted for safety training for projects that deal with any of the following: ionizing or nonionizing radioactive sources; highly toxic, flammable, or reactive chemicals; biologically hazardous (viable) agents; and potent human or animal carcinogenic substances ( or 612-626-6002). 

The mentor’s department will handle any expense money awarded.  Students should contact their departmental accountant with questions about the expense money.