Academic Standing

Academic Standing

Effective: September 1, 2011

Last Updated: Approved by EPC February 9, 2011; amended and approved by Campus Assembly April 12, 2011; revised and approved by Curriculum Subcommittee; approved by EVCAA 8-25-21

Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

Good Academic Standing
Students who have a cumulative University of Minnesota Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher are in good academic standing in the University. 

Academic Intervention or Warning
Students in good standing with the University but who are not making satisfactory progress as defined by their specific academic program(s), or whose academic performance declines significantly, may be identified for academic intervention and be required to meet with an academic advisor. Colleges/Schools which use academic intervention with students may change a student's status to that of undeclared major or pre-major.

Academic Probation
Students with a cumulative University of Minnesota GPA less than 2.0 are placed on academic probation. Academic performance will be monitored allowing the students and advisors to know their Academic Standing.

Academic Suspension
Students who fail to achieve a cumulative University of Minnesota GPA of 2.0 at the end of the probationary semester are academically suspended from the University. When suspended, a student cannot register for any University of Minnesota courses for at least two semesters. For the purposes of this policy "semesters" are defined as Fall, Spring, and Summer (full summer, not truncated terms such as May term). All colleges/schools and campuses at the University must recognize the suspension holds and will not allow students, including non-degree seeking students, with these holds to register.

Readmission after Suspension
Re-admission after a period of suspension is not automatic. Students suspended from the University, who can demonstrate improved academic capability, and/or show evidence of changes in circumstances that demonstrate likely success in an academic program, may petition to be readmitted on a probationary basis after the lapse of at least two semesters. If the student is academically suspended a second time, they will be required to reapply for admission to a college/school rather than a petition to re-enter.

Grade Point Average (GPA): GPA is the total number of grade points earned divided by the total number of credits attempted. For example, a student might earn 15 credits spread over five courses as follows:

Course 1, 3 credits: Grade of B = 3.000 x 3 credits = 9.000 grade points
Course 2, 3 credits: Grade of C+ = 2.333 x 3 credits = 6.999 grade points
Course 3, 3 credits: Grade of A = 4.000 x 3 credits = 12.000 grade points
Course 4, 3 credits: Grade of B- = 2.667 x 3 credits = 8.001 grade points
Course 5, 3 credits: Grade of D+ = 1.333 x 3 credits = 3.999 grade points
Total: 39.99 grade points/15 credits = 2.666 GPA  

Academic Probation is the academic standing of students whose term or cumulative GPA is below 2.0. A hold is placed on the student's' record requiring them to meet with their advisor before being able to register for courses.

Academic Suspension is the academic standing of students who, following a probationary term, have not elevated their GPA above 2.0 and/or fulfilled the conditions of an academic contract. Students on Academic Suspension may not register for courses at any University of Minnesota campus and are ineligible for financial aid.