Program Prioritization 2013-14

UMD Program Prioritization Initiative

UMD conducted a comprehensive Program Prioritization initiative during 2013-14 to review the entire span of programs, courses, and services delivered in relation to how they each aligned with our mission and how they positioned UMD for growth. The goal of the Program Prioritization initiative was to manage and allocate our financial resources in ways that would best meet the needs of our students and our community. 

Chancellor Black led UMD through this Program Prioritization initiative with the help of the Vice Chancellors, Deans, and Directors, but everyone on campus was involved at the program level. Criteria and weights for the criteria were developed corroboratively in alignment with UMD's strategic plan, mission, and vision, with an additional focus on financial sustainability.

Overview information:

Academic Program Prioritization

Academic Support & Services Program Prioritization

Findings and recommendation reports: 

Program Prioritization Summary December 2013

Program Prioritization Next Steps January 2014

UMD Financial Planning with the Twin Cities University Budget and Finance Office


Academic Programs Committee 

CLA : Steve Matthews, Jeremy Youde
CEHSP : Priscilla Day, Mark Nierengarten
LSBE : Jannifer David, Al Roline
SCSE : Julie Etterson, Dan Pope
SFA : Jefferson Campbell, Jim Klueg

Charge to the Committee

Committee Files

Academic Support & Services Programs Committee 

Sue Bosell - Business Services - Finance Operations
Mary Cameron - HR - Finance and Operations
Kathy Chalupsky - FM - Finance and Operations
Kristina D'Allaird - Athletics - Chancellor's Units
Sue Darge Lombardo - CEHSP - Academic Affairs
Jason Davis - ITSS - Academic Affairs
Mick McComber - RSOP - Student Life
Lori Melton - External Affairs - Chancellor's Units
Paula Rossi - Student Life Office

Charge to the Committee

Committee Files