Exams Outside Class

Exams Outside of Regular Class Time

Effective: September 3, 2013
Last Updated: Approved by Campus Assembly on May 14, 2013
Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

 It is expected that for most courses, examinations will be given during the regularly scheduled class period. For instances where the instructor deems it necessary for additional exam time beyond the normal class period, the following guidelines apply:

  • Department head approval is required for any instructor who wants to schedule an exam in an undergraduate course outside of the regular class time.
  • Every semester, a list of undergraduate courses in which exams have been scheduled outside of class time should be sent to the collegiate associate dean or dean for review.
  • Faculty must indicate on the course syllabus and any other course information that examinations will be scheduled outside of regular class time. The date and time of the exams should be listed.
  • When an exam is scheduled outside of a regularly scheduled class period faculty should cancel a normal class meeting time. The cancelled time slot may be used as an optional review period.
  • Accommodation must be provided to any student who encounters an academic conflict, such as between an examination scheduled outside of regular class time and the regular class period of another course, or between two exams scheduled to be held simultaneously outside of regular class time.
  • Exams in graduate classes (5xxx and above) may be scheduled at the instructor’s prerogative. The course syllabus should describe the nature of the examinations and the scheduling policy.
  • Having students vote on rescheduling an exam outside of normal class hours at a different date or time than what appears on the syllabus is not allowed.