Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University

Effective: June 24, 2011
Last Updated: June 24, 2011; revised an approved by Teaching & Learning committee 4-8-15
Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

By registering for classes, students enter into a contract to pay for all tuition and fees. Students are responsible for all transactions on their academic records.

To withdraw from all academic coursework at the University, a student must officially cancel all courses through the last day of the tenth week of the semester.  After that date, students who believe they have extenuating circumstances may submit a petition to the collegiate Advising & Academic Services office to withdraw from the University.

Students Called to Military Duty

Students who are called to active military duty may withdraw from UMD. The University works with students to remove them from classes and resolve tuition and other financial issues. Students must submit a copy of their military orders and will be asked to complete a retroactive tuition petition. As a general rule, the petition is approved for a 100 percent refund unless there are negative financial aid implications for the student. Students are advised about what would be the most beneficial for their situation.

Tuition Refund for Withdrawal 

Refunds for withdrawal from the university are the same as for individual course withdrawals:  100 percent tuition and fee refund on or before the end of the first week of the semester; 75 percent on or before the end of the second week; 50 percent on or before the end of third week; 25 percent on or before the end of the fourth week. No refunds are given after the fourth week. Courses that are shorter in length than the full semester have an abbreviated refund schedule. Withdrawing from courses can have financial and academic implications, possibly affecting billing, financial aid, and VA benefits, etc. The withdrawal could result in debt to the University, government or both.

After the fourth week, refunds beyond the published schedule will be granted by appeal only.  A Tuition Refund Appeal with relevant documentation should be submitted to One Stop Student Services. 

Medical Withdrawal

Appeal for medical withdrawal must include documentation from a licensed medical or mental health professional indicating:

  • Date of onset of illness
  • Date at which initial treatment was sought
  • Diagnosis
  • Dates of treatment service
  • Severity of illness

Return after Withdrawal

Students who petition for medical withdrawal may be asked to present proof of treatment before subsequent registration.