Mid-Term Grade Alerts

Mid-Term Grade Alerts for Academic Performance

Effective: June 1, 2009

Last Updated: June 1, 2009; revised by the Teaching & Learning Committee March 12, 2014; approved by EVCAA May 6, 2014; revised by the Teaching & Learning Committee November 19, 2014

Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

  1. Instructors in all 1-XXX and 2-XXX courses will provide a mid-term grade alert for students who, on the basis of performance to date in the course, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N.  Such notification will be provided no later than the end of the eighth week of the semester and earlier if possible, to allow students to improve their classroom performance or to withdraw by the tenth week.  Mid-term grade alerts will not be recorded on transcripts.
  2. Instructors are encouraged to provide mid-term grade alerts for all other courses.
  3. The provision of mid-term grade alerts is a courtesy to the student.  Failure to receive a mid-term grade alert does not create the right for a student to contest a grade in a course.