Course Notes & Materials

Appropriate Student Use of Class Notes and Course Materials

Effective: April 29, 2009

Last Updated: Approved by EPC February 27, 2002; Amended and approved by EPC April 29, 2009; revision approved by EVCAA 3/9/2021

Policy Owner: Academic Affairs 

  1. Students may not distribute, via the internet or other means, lecture notes or instructor-provided materials, except to other members of the same class or with the express written consent of the instructor.
  2. Students are not permitted to record, photograph or reproduce any part of a class/lab/other session, be it face-to-face or virtual, unless granted written permission by the instructor. If the student does not comply, the student may be asked to leave that class/lab/other session.
  3. Students who require recording of a class as a disability accommodation must be registered with the Office of Disability Resources and follow their protocol for making such a request.
  4. While students hold the copyright to their own notes from a course, those notes reflect the intellectual property of the instructor. Thus, students may not engage in the sale or widespread distribution of transcript-like notes or notes that are close to verbatim records of a lecture or class presentation. Students may share notes with other students in the same class.
  5. The provisions of this policy are enforceable as University rules under the Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code.
  6. If the faculty of a department or collegiate unit, as a group, or individual faculty in a particular course, have assented to or authorized the distribution of lecture notes or instructor-provided materials, such action does not violate this policy.
  7. Instructors have the right to impose additional restrictions on course materials in accordance with copyright and intellectual property law and policy. See: Board of Regents Policy: Copyright