4 Responding to the Review

After the Site Visit

The team chair sends the team’s completed evaluation report to the AVC of the program within a few weeks of the site visit and no later than January of the following semester. Then, the AVC sends the team’s review to the Unit/Program Director, EVCAA, and AVC-program review.  

The program writes an internal response to the team’s evaluation for the EVCAA and AVCs. The response, due in March, includes an evaluation of the team's recommendations and identifies the items deemed viable to improve the program in ways consistent with its integrated planning and strategic development. 

Once received, the Unit/Program Director, AVCs, and EVCAA may meet to discuss the team's review and the program's response.

During the spring or summer, the AVC writes an administrative summary for all program reviews conducted in their areas for the year. The summary is shared with the programs as well as the EVCAA and AVC-program review.