Peer Review

Improving Program Assessment Practices

The purpose of the Peer Review is to evaluate the effectiveness of each program's assessment practices. The goal is for programs to integrate teaching, learning, and assessment as demonstrated through the following categories. These categories were updated in 2017-18 as part of the peer review evaluation conducted by the UMD Assessment Subcommittee.

  • Program learning outcome statements
  • Measurement of program learning outcomes
  • Program response to current findings
  • Involvement in program learning assessment processes

During the peer review session, small groups of Program Assessment Liaisons (PALs) describe their programs' assessment reports and other information as applicable. The group of PALs assign ratings for the assessment review domains using the Peer Review Rating Form (new, effective fall 2018). The ratings are used to determine where improvements may be warranted at the program and campus levels, and to identify best practices occurring on campus that could be shared with colleagues.

*NEW Fall 2018* Peer Review Rating Form

Department Heads, Deans, Directors, and other administrators are encouraged to review the ratings for their respective programs to ensure effective assessment practices and to support development of assessment practices as needed.

A summary of peer review data aggregated for the campus is provided in this report, endorsed by the UMD Assessment Subcommittee on February 1, 2019: Assessment Peer Review Report Fall 2018.